"You've been heavy on my mind, with your birthday coming up... I know you are always with us, but it's not the same 😢 Selfishly, I wish the kids & myself had gotten more time with you... But realistically, I am glad you are no longer suffering in pain and I know how blessed I am to have had 34yrs with you!! You were SO much more than just my father, you truly were a best friend, someone to look up to, full of wisdom & knowledge, not to mention the one who I got my sense of humor from 🙂 I miss that probably most, next to being able to hug you, talk to you or call... I miss all the laughter 😔 You may be physically gone, but your memory will live on through your girls, your grandbabies, and our community (that you did SO much for) ALWAYS 💗💗💗"

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