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Tanya says: Nobody in the world makes the effort and shows love like a mum does and it aches like hell to live without you xxx... Read More

Written: 18/04/2019

Maria says: Yesterday I wanted so much to tell you something. But, you are not here. Bug hugs my dear friend xxx... Read More

Written: 05/04/2019

Maria says: Sometimes it hurts and you are not here to tell. How I wish you could help and listen xxx... Read More

Written: 10/03/2019

Maria says: Every night I wish you were still here. Xxxxx... Read More

Written: 07/03/2019

Maria says: My dear friend, just when I need you the most, you are not here. How I miss been able to tell you my thoughts knowing you will understand. How I wi... Read More

Written: 17/02/2019

Maria says: We said our final farewells to you on Tuesday. Yet I still cannot believe you have gone. It took 50 years to find a dear friend, only to lose you ... Read More

Written: 11/01/2019

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