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Maria says: My dear friend, I still miss you xxxxx... Read More

Written: 08/06/2019

Maria says: Stevie brought a boat today. How you would of laughed when I told you he was drunk at the time. I miss telling you so much. Xxxx... Read More

Written: 17/05/2019

Maria says: My dear friend, how I miss you xxxx... Read More

Written: 15/05/2019

Maria says: I wanted to tel, you something, only to remember ...... you are not there to tell. Xxxx... Read More

Written: 10/05/2019

Maria says: My dear friend, you are still here in my thoughts and how much do I miss you. Words can never say. Xxxxx... Read More

Written: 02/05/2019

Maria says: Heaven holds a lot of people I love xxxx... Read More

Written: 22/04/2019

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